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Avenue Q Swing   Bazart Party Bas Les Masques   Poster Choeur et Orquestre des Grandes Ecoles de Nantes   Festival des mots 2005   In off the place   Staircase at Nublu   Mar Incierto   libreast of Paris   amour dans tous ses etats   Scream Club   Until There   For Feather cd release   Walk Pasa Bouge Monkey Town   For Feather BAM   Walk Pasa Bouge   For Feather Waterloo Cafe Cleveland

For Feather MPMF Subway Cincinnati   Walk Pasa Bouge Monkey Town   Walk Pasa Bouge Issue Project Room   Walk Pasa Bouge Glasslands Gallery   Claim Your Place Centro Espanol   Mapping Mobius La Mama New Stage theater company   Shifting Gaze poster Times Square   Shifting Gaze Region zero KJCC   Road to happiness at Austrian Cultural Center   Walk Pasa Bouge Micro Marche Brussels   Is There An Edge Of belief?   Nacho Arimany Laia Cabrera Tea Lounge Park Slope   Nacho Arimany Laia Cabrera Bam Café   Nacho Arimany Laia Cabrera Zora Art Space   Resonnt Streams An Ancient Call St John The Divine Cathedral   Hypnotik New Stage Theatre Company

Festival Neue Literatur 2012   Performance La Mama Nacho Arimany Laia Cabrera   Garden Of Delights 2012 Arrabal   Jollification Mortification Poster 2013 NSTC   Pikolinos Pop Up Store   Prologue Maria Litvan 2013   Untitled Mind installation Nuit Blanche DC 2013   Cosmicomics NYIT award nominee   Reebok Launch Event  

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