Exhibition: "Window with Vines" photograph, WALK_BYE JCAST 2020, Canco park Conservancy, Jersey City, NJ
Walk_Bye™, the Jersey City Parks Coalition and the Jersey City Office of Cultural Affairs selected "Window with Vines" to be printed on a large vinyl poster
and hung at 10 parks in all six wards of Jersey City.
Canco Park Conservancy is located in front of Mana Contemporary, at the corner of Senate Place and Dey Street.

Walk Bye JACST 2020 Window with vines
Walk Bye JACST 2020 Window with vines


Latest work:

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Pictures 2010-2012

Best Pictures from 2010 and 2011


Nature Factory, NC, 2010

nature factory


X-ray Pyrex, NC, 2010

xray pyrex


Closed windows, Jersey City, NJ, 2008

closed windows


Still Photography for Shifting Gaze Film-Art-Music Installation, Hudson River,
Westhampton and Saratoga, NY, and Jersey City, NJ
, 2010

Shifting Gaze 2010



Sailing on the Hudson River - Still Photography for Shifting Gaze Film-Art-Music Installation, NY-NJ, 2010

Sailing on hudson river


Westhampton - Still Photography for Shifting Gaze Film-Art-Music Installation, NY, 2010



Still Photography for Claim Your Place, Adams, MA/Jersey City, NJ/New York, NY, 2010
A multimedia Video Installation Performance by Laia Cabrera and Nuria Legarda. Performer: Nuria Legarda

Claim Your Place


Dark Mechanisms, Abandonned Water-mill, Adams, MA, 2010

Dark Mecharnisms


May 29th, 2009: Photography "Is There An Edge Of Belief", 2009

Jaen Pictures


Walk-Pasa-Bouge Series, 2009

photo gallery


Photography of Lola, Catalan aerial artist, NJ, 2009


Avenue Q Swings, New York, May 2008



Aros Museum of Art, Aarhus, Denmark, December 2005



Frederikshavn, Denmark, October 2005


Escape-Self Portrait, May 2003



Menage Project, with Michel Azous, August 2002

Photography of journalist John Cassidy (New Yorker), Scott Gerber, Tim Baker and the Flatiron for Economic magazine Les Affaires (Quebec, Canada), NYC, 2009-2012
Les Affaires picture by Isabelle Duverger John Cassidy Les Affaires Tim Baker
Les Affaires Scott Gerber Les Affaires Silicon Alley




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