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Avenue Q Swing Poster and CD Conver   European Ways of life 2006 communication   Ethics 2006 design and humanism conference communication   festival des mots 2005 communication   Libreast of paris 2004 communciation print and web   Claim your place communication print and web   Shifting gaze communication print and web   New York by Laia Cabrera creation of Cd art object   Yessa Deouve music cd covers   Life is a dream cd cover   Erica Glyn CD Cover Raining Rooftops   BMW brochure information   Open Concept OC Eclipse   Serene product analysis Bang and Olufsen Samsung   Brochure programme IUT cergy Saint Christophe   Soiree 4 you flyer christmas  

Valetango Tango Por Ellos Brochure   Erica Glyn Business Card   Brett Business card   Exhibition Story of a Haus Communication and signage 2013   Illustration T-shirt Hausfest 2013 Deutsches Haus   Brochure Language Program Hausfest 2013 Deutsches Haus   Holiday Card Deutsches Haus 2013   Holiday Card Deutsches Haus 2014   Illustration Language Program 2015  

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