Love Peace & Light, 2016

This book is inspired on a meditation created by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga. This simple, beautiful, and powerful meditation was created so that anyone,
including children, may use it to heal and elevate all beings in the world. Let all of us share our Love, Peace, and Light out unto the Earth, to the four corners of the planet,
in order to raise its vibration and let the true light shine through. This book can be read to children 6 month and up as a bedtime story or as an interactive game following
the arm movements. It connects children to their innate state of love, peace and light and to share them with others.

Love Peace & Light
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Oh Beautiful Deaths, 2011

This series of artwork contemplate in a cynical way the meaning of death. Death as an end in itself, explotation, aesthetic consideration,
but also a journey, its circumstances...

Oh Beautiful Death Art Book


Memorandum, 2003

Memorandum is an art book created combining photography, digital arts, etching, ink, pastels and paint.
The departing story is a car accident from which the character is experiencing a coma alternating with lucid moments.

memorandum + more


Théatre Expressionniste, 2004

This illustrated book is a poetic hommage to the wind and movement.

theatre expressionniste + more

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