The Now

the now at coolture impact

Largest Video Interactive Public Art Installation of its kind


Welcome to "The Now", a journey into magical worlds, opening doors to hidden places and participatory environments.

Like Alice through the looking glass, the audience will be transported to different worlds as they communicate through the window's surface.
Reality and fantasy intertwine in an interactive and multi-sensorial installation.
"The Now" is an immersive interactive experience, using gesture-responsive video-art-illustration-animation as a tool for storytelling and audience connection in the heart of New York city, on the windows of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Times Square. A large-scale video mapped interactive installation that explores transitory spaces and unseen parallel realities. A time travel cinematic voyage to visually striking places, live painting, animated characters and evolving narratives, as you walk, move and point to the different storylines. As the viewer explores and interacts with the created space and characters, they too become part of the world of The Now.

Created by talented filmmakers and video artists Isabelle Duverger and Laia Cabrera, through videoart, animation, video mapping and interactivity, in collaboration with interaction artists Lorne Covington and Bill Saiff (NOIRFLUX) and immersive experience developer Karan Parikh.

"The Now" inaugurated Coolture Impact at Port Authority Bus Terminal South West Corner of 8th Avenue with 42nd Street, Times Square, New York
October 2018 - February 2019
& September - October 2020

The Interactive platform is composed of 12 windows that create a continuous image of 72 feet long. It is the largest platform of its kind. It is presence, movement and gesture responsive. When you pass by the installation, "The Now" reacts to you by opening you doors, if you wave, it will create a response and by pointing, you are able to interact specifically where you are ponting at. The interaction is therefore fluid and doesn't require to wear any technology. By being this large, "The Now" also allows for more people to interact and be able to interact with each other. Because of its location, it is captivating the over 200,000 commuters and tourists that move through this area each day.

Created by Isabelle Duverger and Laia Cabrera
Interactivity by NoirFlux and Karan Parikh
Curated by Ana Calvo de Luis (Coolture Impact)
Platform powered by PLANAR & Stereolabs



the now video interactive public art installation

the now video interactive public art installation

the now video interactive public art installation

the now video interactive public art installation

the now video interactive public art installation

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