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Portraits Black and White, Film Photography


Children photography

"Bonjour Felicity" Photography from Film Shooting

FIT Students portrait

Letchworth Hospital, NY

Agnes and Guillaume

External IT

Catalan Portraits


Still Photography for Shifting Gaze Film-Art-Music Installation, Hudson River,
Westhampton and Saratoga, NY, and Jersey City, NJ, 2010

Shifting Gaze 2010


Westhampton - Still Photography for Shifting Gaze Film-Art-Music Installation, NY, 2010


Photography of Lola-Lorrojo, Catalan aerial artist, NJ, 2009

Avenue Q Swings, New York, May 2008


Photography of journalist John Cassidy (New Yorker), Scott Gerber, Tim Baker and the Flatiron for Economic magazine Les Affaires (Quebec, Canada), NYC, 2009-2012
Les Affaires picture by Isabelle Duverger John Cassidy Les Affaires Tim Baker

Les Affaires Scott Gerber Les Affaires Silicon Alley

Manuela Fassbender for MBF communication, NY, 2011

MBF Manuela Fassbender

Photoshoot for Salerm Cosmetics Barcelona, New York, 2012

Salerm Cosmetics 2012 New York


Photoshoot for CUSP: Portraits, New York, NY, 2013

CUSP portraits students

Picture published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ): Fritz Stern zum Abhörskandal - 2013, New York

Sander Prize - Fritz Stern 2013Sander Prize - Fritz Stern 2013



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