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Jul 2010 – Present: Collaborator and Webdesigner for Shifting Gaze, Barcelona-New York, NY
Photographer, Illustration and Animation, Installation, web design and communication for the Film-Art-Music Installation
Shifting Gaze

Sep 2011: mbf ONDEMAND campain design, New York, NY
Design of animations, in collaboration with Laia Cabrera for the sound. watch here

Aug 2011 – Present: Creation of online TV program for Olah Inc., New York, NY
Assistant set, photographer, animation designer and co-editor.

Jul 2011: Design of, New York, NY
Blog design and photography. Paisley Diaries

Jun 2011: Design of official website & Flyer/Album Cover of Erica Glyn, New York, NY
Creation of logo animation, content, design. Erica Glyn

May-June 2011: Website Design and Photography for 1st Communion of Ramon, Lleida, Spain
go to website / see pictures

May 2011: Educational Video for Olah Inc., New York, NY
Video editing in collaboration with Laia Cabrera

May 2011: Video for THE PORT AUTHORITY OF NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY, Airports Ground Transportation, NY-NJ
Video editing in collaboration with Laia Cabrera

Mar 2011: Illustration & Projection Design of The Road To Happiness, Austrian Cultural Center, New York, NY
In collaboration with Laia Cabrera. A play written by Ursula Knoll. Directed by Marcus Hirnigel

Feb – May 2011: Photography, Design & Animation for FIT promo-video 2011, New York, NY
in collaboration with Laia Cabrera, filmmaker and editor. watch here

Feb 2011: photography of Manuela Fassbender for MBF communication, NY
Portrait and retouching

Nov 2010 – Jan 2011: photography for the Newspaper Quebequois "Les Affaires", NY-NJ
Scott Gerber & Tim Baker

Oct 2010 – Feb 2011: Video Interviews for External IT, New York, NY & Dallas, TX
Animation, Camera, Lighting Design & Editing in collaboration with Director Laia Cabrera and Merry + Valenzuela watch videos

Oct – Dec 2010: Illustration, Animation & Projection Design of Mapping Moebius, La Mama Theater, New York, NY
In collaboration with Laia Cabrera. A play by the New Stage Theater Company more infos

Aug 2010: Design for Brett Christina Thomas, New York, NY
Creation of logo and corporate identity.

Oct 2009 – Present: Assistant Set and Editor for HPNG Event of Leslie Sanchez, Carmen DiRienzo, Ron Colon, Robert Rodriguez, HPNG Latino Conference at Harvard Club New York... New York, NY
Lighting and Second Camera for Networking Event HPNG and Editor. website

Oct 2009 – Oct 2010: Collaborator and Webdesigner for Claim Your Place, Barcelona-New York, NY
Photographer, Installation designer and Webdesigner Video-Installation, Film-Dance and Multimedia Theater Claim Your Place.

June 2010: Design of the Official Website of Raining Rooftops (Music Band), New York, NY
Logo, Illustration, design and development of the website

Mar – July 2010: Social Media Platform development for MBF Trend Consulting, New York, NY
Development of platforms to expand web presence of MBF Trend Consulting (YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and Apple App)

Feb – June 2010: Photograph/Animator/Assistant to Filmmaker Laia Cabrera for FIT promo-video 2010, New York, NY
Assisting Filmmaker Laia Cabrera in the editing of the videos.

Jun 2009 – May 2010: Webdesigner for the Catalan Center at NYU, New York, NY
Creation and development website

Mar 2010: Graphic Designer for Erica Glyn, New York, NY
Design of the graphic identity of Erica Glyn (Letterhead, Business cards).

Jan – Feb 2010: Co-Editing for the promo-video of Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier, New York, NY
Collaboration with Merry + Valenzuela. Assisting filmmaker Laia Cabrera

Dec 2009: Photographer for Les Affaires, Quebec, Canada
Photography of economics journalist John Cassidy (New Yorker) and post-production

Nov 13 & 29, Dec 13 & 19, 2009: " WALK-PASA-BOUGE" silk-video-sound-animation performance
with Laia Cabrera and Cia Lorrojo at Monkey Town, Brooklyn - Pianos, LES - Issue Project Room,
Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC
Artistic collaboration with Laia Cabrera and Maite SanJuan, Brice Malahude Monkey Town

Aug – Oct 2009: Second Camera/Assistant editing/Animation promo-video of Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier for the website of Martha Stuart, New York, NY
Collaboration with Merry + Valenzuela. Assisting filmmaker Laia Cabrera for the editing and animations See Video

Sep 25-26, 2009:" Until There" sound-video tour-performance with Laia Cabrera and For Feather at THE SUBWAY (Cincinnati) and THE WATERLOO (Cleveland), OHIO
Artistique collaboration with Videoartiste Laia Cabrera and Indie Rock band For Feather

Aug - Sep 2009: Wedding Photographer Reims, France
Photography and post-production

Jul – Sep 2009: Photographer/Assistant video-edition/Animator for the fashion fair KingPins 2009 / Olah Inc,
New York, NY

Assisting Filmmaker Laia Cabrera in the editing of the videos Kingpins Show Clip

Feb – Aug 2009: Photographer/Assistant Editor, FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)/

Assisting Filmmaker Laia Cabrera in the editing of the videos FIT Video

Jun 8 & 18, 2009:" Until There" video-sound performance
with Laia Cabrera and For Feather at Monkey Town,
Brooklyn, NYC
Artistic collaboration with Laia Cabrera and For Feather Monkey Town

May – Jun 2009: Photographer of Bar Mitzvah, White Plains, NY

May 2009: Photographer/Illustrator for "Is There An Edge Of Belief" by Laia Cabrera, Jaen, SPAIN
Assisting Filmmaker Laia Cabrera in the creation of materials, photography and animations

Feb 26, 2009: Silk-Sound-Video-Drawings performance at Monkey Town, Brooklyn, NYC
Collaboration with Laia Cabrera (Videoartist), Lola (Maite SanJuan, Aerialist), Brice Malahude (Experimental musician)
view animations

Dec 2008 – Mar 2009: Webgraphist for Tango Dancer Valeria Solomonoff, New York
Design and update of website

Dec 2008 – Jan 2009: Photographer/Designer for Soirees4u Cattering, Event planning, New York/New Jersey
Communication and photography.

Dec 2008: Artist Graphist for sets of theater plays, Harlem - New York
Creation of images-projections for theater plays EL ULTIMO VIAJE, LA CUCARACHETA MATUNA,
THE DANCE, OPERACION GALLO ROJO, in collaboration with artist Laia Cabrera.

Nov 2008: Artist Graphist for theater play LA JAULA BAJO EL TRAPO, King Juan Carlos Center, New York
Drawings-Design-Video in Collaboration with Director Maria Litvan and Technical Director Laia Cabrera.

Nov 2008: Artist Graphist in FOR FEATHER concert at BAM CAFE, Brooklyn - New York
Live-Drawings for the song Sumo of For Feather.

Oct 2008: Assistant Editor for interviews of BILLBOARD EN ESPANOL, New York
Assisted Editor Laia Cabrera on the 1st cut for the interview of Marco Antonio Solis.

Oct 2008: Assistant Editor, FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)/COTTON INCORPORATED, New York
Assisted Laia Cabrera in the editing of the videos:Promotional Video 2008, FIT Knitt Class. FIT Video

Sep 2008 – Oct 2008: Assistant Editor/Photograph for two Web Advertizements, SAMSUNG, New York
Assisted Editor Laia Cabrera for the skeleton of one of the add and creation/preparation of images for the adds
of two digital cameras.

Sep 2008: Assistant Set for TOUCHING GRAVITY dance performance, by Caryn Heilman, New Jersey/Massachusetts
Assisted video-artist Laia Cabrera with light and installation of the set.

Sep 2008: Multimedia VJ, GRACE HOTEL - Fashion Week Press Party, New York
Assisted multimedia artist Laia Cabrera and tablet drawing performance.

Apr 2008 – Jul 2008: Graphic Designer, FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)/COTTON INCORPORATED, New York
Created logo animation and video content of the Textile and Marketing Department.
Assisted Laia Cabrera in the editing of the videos: Interview 2008, FIT Knitt Denim Video 2008. FIT Video

Apr 2008 – Jun 2008: Designer Photograph, AVENUE Q SWINGS - TOPIA ART CENTER, NY/MA
At the Metropolitan Room, New York, a fundraising event of the Topia Art Center.
Created  the poster, disk cover and adds for the web, projection for the event and official photographer of the event.
Avenue Q Swings

Mar 2007 – Mar 2008: Internal Communications Assistant, AIR FRANCE USA, New York
Internship in New York. Within the department of Human Resources worked on various internal communications mediums
to include the publishing of an internal Web site and a newsletter (pre-press), specific to the US-market employees.
Also managed logistic for meetings and events of Air France USA and Air France France.

Nov 2006 – Feb 2007: Foreign Rights Assistant, HACHETTE LIVRE, Paris, France
Researched international publishing houses, foreign rights, sales and publishing. 
Developed content concept for the 2007-08 catalog of books.

Jan 2006 – Jul 2006: Communications Assistant, INTELLIGENCE DESIGN - NANTES SCHOOL OF DESIGN, Nantes, France
Assisted with the PR, logistics and communications (print and Web) for an international event at Nantes. 
Also, a design exhibition highlighting “tomorrow’s young talents” “European Way(s) of Life 2006”
and the international design conference “Ethics”. Intelligence Design

Jun 2005 – Jul 2005: Telemarketing, TELE2 - ACTEL, Rueil Malmaison, France
Pitched potential clients Internet and telephone services.

Oct 2004 - Oct 2005: Co-Founder Member of BAZ'ART, Association of Art, Nantes, France
Created the brochure of the association and all the communication mediums (Web and print) of the events.
Organized Festival des mots 2005 (budget, artist contracts, sponsoring and communication).
Also teached photography and photography development.

Apr 2004 – Aug 2004: Assistant to Development, PAQUEBOT & CO DESIGN, Paris, France
Researched potential clients employing market studies. Also met with potential clients for the children market.

Dec 2002: Assistant to Management, HACHETTE LIVRE, Paris, France
Assisted with the production of Hachette Illustrated, managing production estimates and processes, pre-press and mailings.

Jul 2002 – Aug 2002: Assistant to the Photographer MICHEL AZOUS, Paris, France
A book project about cleaning habits: Tools for cleaning. Created pictures and assisted the photographer.

Jun 2002: Assistant to the Artistic Director, ALTEDIA EDITING, Paris, France
Creation of layout and design for annual reports, brochures, advertisements. Photo retouch.


[Additional experience]

2007-2008: Guitar Teacher (all ages)
2002-2006: Youth leader High School in Rueil Chaplaincy.
2001-2002: Volunteer at “Restos du Cœur”, in St Lazare site Every Friday night, service of dinner.



[Languages & Computer Skills]

French (Native speaker), English (Bilingual), Spanish (Conversation knowledge), Italian (Basic knowledge)

Computer skills       
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark-x-press, Premiere, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS




2004-2006: Master degree in Management from the 8th best Business School in Europe, Audencia Nantes, school of management. They have a one-year general program to learn marketing, accounting, finance, legal, communication, strategic management and entrepreneurship. My two majors were in International Marketing in Denmark (Aarhus Business School) and Management of the cultural institutions and industries in France.

2003-2004: IUT Cergy Bachelor of Science, in business to business sales and marketing. I did a five-month internship in a design agency specialized in Packaging, doing marketing research on the children target and sales prospection for the company targeting the children. Creation of the brochure of the program.

2001-2003: Estienne School of Higher Education in Art of Paris, specialized in Graphic Industries and Arts. It’s one of the four prestigious public school of Art of Paris and the best school of graphic design. I did a two-year degree in Graphic communication (print and web creation and production).

2001: French High School Degree Scientific (Baccalaureat S) with Art Option. The most recognized High School degree in France. 


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