part 10

Who How Who's Who...


> Shifting Gaze

> Julie Picq
Balaenanun at Deviantart
Balaenanun 3d

> Sophie Thiam
Official singer website

> Erica Glyn (Raining Rooftops)
Raining Rooftops

> Lola (aerial artist)

> Michel Azous
Official photographer website

> MBF Trend Consulting
MBF Trend Talk

> Fériel Naoura


> Laia Cabrera & Co. LLC (co-founder)

> Laia Cabrera (filmmaker and video artist)

> The Catalan Center at NYU

> Valeria Solomonoff (tango artist)

> Topia
Topia Art Center

> LiquidBody

> Merry + Valenzuela

> Globe Trippin (Georgia Scott)

> Monica Hernandez (multimedia artist)

> Minnie Cho
Designer website
Singer website


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